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Gigs Hide After The ID Verification!


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  • 2 months later...

i am facing same issue, i have successfully verified my id straight away when i got the notification, after that my gigs completely disappeared and not to be seen unless i use so many filters, my main gig was ranked for each key word but now cant be seen.
CS are not bothered and dont care, i have everything 100%, full 5 star ratings, no cancellation, no late orders, no negative, nothing bad has happened apart from ID verification. Many sellers felt that this is the issue, i have read on forums but CS failed to understand this,
This site has gone very bad day by day. No protection for sellers in any way.
Many people warned me not to contact CS as they will reply back with same copy paste messages, thats exactly what they did, i asked about A and B, they replied back with G and H, lol
completely different replies!!

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