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Got my first order! :D


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Hey everyone! I just got my first order and completed it with a 5-star rating! I know lots of people haven’t gone to social media to get orders or needed to but in order to get my first order that is what I did.

It was for my thumbnail gig. I went around twitter looking for any YouTubers that needed any done did two for free and one of the people I did one for liked it and wanted to continue to do more so they bought my gig.

Again just wanted to share my excitement and how I went about getting my first order. 🙂

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Now, the mark of true success is to find your 2nd, 50th, and 300th, etc orders. One order is just one order. A career of orders is what makes you a long-term successful seller here on Fiverr.

Haha yes I know that I need more coming in to be “successful” on Fiverr. Just celebrating my first win as well as letting people know how I went about getting it.

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