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Don't call anyone to pay or order throw fiverr because it's spam


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I Recieved a warning today that i am sending spam messages to the clients whom i didn’t know and fiverr got my Level one Badge Back i don’t want to say anything i just want to share the screenshot that says my message is blocked by safety team because it has some spam content
i want to know if my message has been blocked by the so called trust & safety team then why my offer was accepted by client ?
as you can see in the screenshot the offer is accepted and he pay me throw fiverr i just did a mistake to call my friend to pay me throw fiverr we did complete conversation about the work on our whatsapp but for the payment i call him to pay and place the order throw fiverr i don’t think it’s illegal or spam i just lose my level one badge that i was mainting hardly

Well Thanks for this
i will not call any of my client or friend to work with me on fiverr because it’s a spam to message send a direct request to my client

Hat’s off to the team


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