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Any body plz help me


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I think you need at least 1 active gig before you see buyer requests


Hello Dr. i create 5 gig but no buyer request …

Hi, I’m not a doctor, but when your profile is checked (same username as shown on the forum) no gigs are shown. Did you click the “publish” option on every gig and are they all with this account (same account name as shown on the forum)? Do all the gigs say “active” in the gigs page?

You could also check your profile with a browser that isn’t logged in to see if it shows any gigs on it.

If/when you have active gigs and are still at level 0, if it shows no requests on the requests pages, refreshing the page a few times day can help show any new ones if new ones are in the categories of any active gigs you have.

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