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A commercial right a must for a job?


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I have quoted for a voice over which contained only 95 words. The seller advertised that her charge would be 10 for the job + another 85 for the commercial rights. My charge from the client for the whole job was merely 15. I have got narrations as long as 20 minutes recorded for company documentaries earlier. Nevertheless, I have never paid an additional amount by way of a commercial right charge. Now that I am in a tight corner as I have already undertaken to proceed with my client's job. The loss will be 110.

All prospective clients of fiver do not want to get copy rights for their work. Will you please enlighten me as to whether there is any category call non-commercial. Or else whether there is a provision for me to get a voice-over recorded without the commercial right. If this copy right matter is going to be continued fiverr service providers will suffer a great loss since nobody wants to pay an exorbitant fee for a matter not directly connected to their purpose.

Being fiver service seekers all of us get together and raise our objections to this unreasonable charge. If not, both fiverr and we will be at the losing end.

Please respond to me asap

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Commercial use is not necessary for every job on Fiverr. It’s up to the buyer if he/she want to you the content for profit. Then commercial use is a must if not they the buyer should have packages/services without the use,if it’s meant to be personal purposes.

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