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Watermarked logo artist search E2


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(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Thanks for the help of helpful members.

And also thanks for the attention brought by venomous ones too, it helped to spread the word.

Our customer has since provided a clear copy of the artwork(for better of for the worse of “deny him/her right away, red flaggers”).

Our designers have conducted an inspection and have concluded that it is the original artwork that has no traces of removal of watermark.

For anyone interested,

Fiverr customer service refused to do any research whatsoever.

So If you get ina tricky situation, you have an example of what will happen.


That’s great news! Are your gigs paused?

I still have to wai 13 hrs before I can make a post… fiver, thanks.

Here’s a reply though,

We don’t do bussiness on Fiverr and if by “gigs paused” you mean we stopped working then, no.

Feel free to elaborate your question/story.

That might be why fiverr customer service wouldn’t help. You don’t do business on fiverr.

So you don’t use fiverr for business, have no gigs, and still asked fiverr customer service for help finding the designer of this logo? I see, it had the fiverr watermark.

Customer service has an important word in the title:

Customer .

Customer comes to us.

I’m notified of watermark. It’s a Fiverr.

I request customer to provide a clear copy.

I also register on Fiverr to see if I’m able to get to the bottom of this.

P.S. I will waste your time misscrystal, anytime.

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