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Promotion gig modification


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hi Fiverr community

i am doing Spotify promotion and i create gig i receive orders and my gig ranked on many keywords but Fiverr send my gig to modification area and showing this

" * #### Unclear Promotion

Please clarify exactly where and how you are going to do the promotion in your Gig description as it is currently unclear. We ask that you specify the way you will do the promotion and the platforms you will be doing the promotion on."

he said you do not clarify exactly how you are going to do promotion but I already clearly wrote in my gig description this " HOW GOING TO PROMOTE?

I will embed your Spotify music track link on my private networks
Your Spotify music will be PR0M0TE on sites, Targeted Forums, and blogs to drive HUGE POTENTIAL and REAL social audiences (traffic) to your music (Majority of Audience are from USA, Canada, and Europe"

and now i am worried how I solve this if I modify and Fiverr not accept this i think Fiverr denied gig and send me a strike and my profile suspended 😦 because I already received 2 strikes in the life span of my profile and i don’t want to lose my profile

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