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Blocked clients can contact/order after being..well, blocked


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This happened two times in the last month:

I worked with both of these clients on orders. I know that I can block someone who messages me, which will block his message but he will still be able to purchase a gig. But as far as I know, someone who already worked with me on an order (successful or cancelled) should be blocked from being able to contact me and not be able to purchase another package, right? Or am I wrong?

Because I blocked a buyer after his order was marked as complete but he was able to contact me a couple of hours later. His message did not even go to the spam folder.

Another buyer which I blocked a couple of months ago was able to directly purchase a package. Funnily enough we had a short conversation and his last message suddenly went to the spam folder.

Has anyone else this problem? Or is “blocking” just a placebo effect and does nothing?

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