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Hello All, I'm Kish and its nice to meet you

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Hey All,

My name is Kishion, (Kish - for short)

I’m working currently as Management System Specialist for a communications company here in the UK, but by night I roam the streets looking for bad guys to bring to justice 😅 (I know sad…I get it!!) I’m also working as an Affiliate Marketing Support Guide on Fiverr.

I’ve been fascinated by online marketers and how they utilise the power of the internet when it comes to grabbing the attention of consumers and influencing buying behaviours, I suppose the question I asked myself a many years ago, 'What makes me buy things? etc…etc… I have spent my time researching and curating marketing methods that I’d like to one day coach/guide start-up online affiliate businesses to get the most from the process rather than making quick, short-term cash - I know this, because I was one of them…

Which brings me onto the love of teaching and helping others, I’d like to be able to make enough content, learning from the “Corporate World” and contextualise my material in such a way that its been verified and validated by huge companies and whereby giving my clients on here, the best possible chance to successfully build there own brand and monetise there business in way they can pass on the knowledge I have given them. This is why I joined Fiverr.

I hope you’re all doing great, take care…😉

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