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PAUSE gigs (need more info) button! Like if you agree :)


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This is one thing I think Fiverr desperately needs! I offer services and in order to complete those services I need certain information.

For example, if I format a Create Space book cover I need to know:

-Book size

-Page type (white/cream/color)

-Number of pages

I ask for all of this info when they order, but very often people leave out one of these pieces of info.

Now sometimes, if I’m swamped, I might not start my gig till a few hours before it’s due, knowing it won’t take long to get it done… but then… oh no!! I don’t have all the info I need.

I msg the buyer but don’t hear back till after the order is “late”.

Sometimes even if I am top of things, the buyer is just slow responding and my gig gets marked late.

99% of my late orders are due to circumstances like this.

I was hoping Fiverr could provide a “PAUSE” or more appropriately a “NEED MORE INFO” button that the seller can push and shoot a message to the the buyer requesting the info.

This would pause the timer and help avoid getting late orders when it shouldn’t happen.

Like if you agree!!

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Guest tn5rr2012

With my family tree gig I always start a file at least 2 hours after receiving the order and also drop my client a message 24 hrs after the initial order is no information has been submitted

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