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I Am a new graphics designer


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Indeed, can anybody help the OP? Cause he is a new 🐝 and needs hep to get the first sale.

Quite frankly, if you ask for sales on the main Fiverr forum, which happens to be public and is read by many clients - you will seem like a spammer in their minds. No body, and I mean nobody likes people who ask for jobs.

However, if you are willing to learn and change your mek-sel mentality please read this:

Lately, the forum is full of the same topics on how to get sales, which are getting old and boring. Over the time some of the regular forum members invented a new word for those people, MEK-SEL Mek-Sel (noun) - a new person that joined Fiverr, doesn’t have the necessary skills, his or her English sucks, they tend to steal other people’s work, and yet somehow they bitch about not getting sales. I know that some of you guys are still beginners and that the concept freelancing is a whole new wor…

Thank you!

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