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Hi everyone - New exciting project

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[EDIT] - My initial post was marked as spam by ‘the community’ so I removed the links, I suppose that was the main reason my post got hidden. So basically I wanted to announce that I am working at a new Fiverr related website about promoting Fiverr freelancers and gigs. How is this considered spam I am not sure, but anyways… have a great rest of the week everyone. [EDIT]

"Hello dear Fiverr community,

My name is Liviu, I am rather new to the forum but I’ve been working as a blockchain developer on Fiverr for the last 2 years. So far I had a great experience and during all this time had the chance to hire, meet and work with other awesome Fiverr freelancers. I got fond of Fiverr in general and this gave me a very cool idea: to create a website focused on discovering and promoting Fiverr freelancers and their work, in a creative and fun way …


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