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Why my gig can't selll?


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I am joining Fiverr only some month,I am create 6 gigs but my gig can’t save anyone and page view is not increase.I am increase my sell what shout i do please give me a some suggestion how increase my sell and pageview .I am waiting for your great advices.

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I can promote it.

I will promote your webpage ,new product ,YouTube or any other video, fan page,

photos, with more than 5000 real unique twitter followers within 24 hours.

NO fake.NO bots.

http://fiverr.com/nirosh89/tweet-anything-over-5000-real-unique-followers - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/21121/i-will-tweet-anything-over-5000-real-unique-followers-for-5#Item_1

Sheriff’s Note: Repetitive self-promotion isn’t cool. Use the MY FIVERR GIGS area.

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