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What to do with buyers that doesn't respond?


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This issue is so annoying in fiverr , i faced it a coupe times and i face it now again so i thought to call for help , i delivered my order to the seller and it’s been like a day and half without any response … what i do now ?

also if he contacted me for like an edit or changes to the order after the order is complete (3 days auto marked as done ) , do i do it ? , or tell him the order is done and i can’t make changes ?

thx in advance

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If you’re a Seller on Fiverr. Realize that some Buyers don’t complete the order. Once they receive the delivery. Most just take off without leaving a review/feedback. Then, others would sometimes come back with a revision request. So, I wouldn’t worry about it right now. The order will auto-complete. If you offer revision(s) and the Buyer comes back after the order auto-completes. Asking for a revision of course within reason, then that shouldn’t be a problem. You could deliver the revision via Fiverr messaging. At least it will be recorded if things go south.

If you want you can send a friendly follow-up note, something like…

"Hi, Buyer’s Username!

I wanted to thank you again for choosing my service. It was a pleasure working on this project. If there’s anything else I can do, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a good day!


If no response, don’t press the Buyer, just move on to the next order. 🍍

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