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Someone else getting spam messages?


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This is the 3rd message I got on the middle of the night or really early in the morning and its increasing the time on my response rate, and its just a spam message
this was the one I got this morning 6 am

“I am Liu from China.
I am trying to work on Up & work.
I want you to lend me your info and computer.
You can earn more than 100USD per month with no work.”

and they include a Link , I’m not sharing or clicking on it cause it have to be risky. I think their trying to get into your PC so if you ever get a message like this do not Click on any link.

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I got this one…

"Nice to meet you.
I am Cheng from Jilin(in China).
I have a good idea to discuss with you.
If you help me, you will get lots of money without your work.

  • Do you know about Up&work? (Up&work is a site for freelancers)
    I want to create an US account on up&work.
    If you help me to create an account with your information and give me your remote access, I’ll pay to you.
    About $100-150/month for next few years with no work.

  • It need your name, photo, phone number and address for register.

  • I’ll must work through your computer by using teamviewer (or anydesk).
    And I’ll use only browser on your pc.
    As this is a long-term contract, I would like to keep good relationship with you."

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