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To be Credited and giving your Real Name


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Hello everyone! 😀 I’m new to the community and I wanted your [a seller’s] perspective and advice on this.

As the title of the thread implies: I want to be credited for my efforts on my gig, by giving my real name indirectly to the buyer will this be against or violate any of fiverr’s rules and policies?

In my case, I’m an illustrator who has a comic making gig. I asked permission from the buyer if I can be credited and they gladly agree. And by “indirectly” I mean I won’t be giving my name in the chat, but I plan on putting my name on the comic where credit is seen (ie. front page, etc). It’s like this one below, imagine the names in the brackets are our real names.

Written by: [buyer]Illustrated by: [iva_freelancer]

Will this violate any fiverr rules & privacy policies?
I’ve read the terms, but some it I just can’t digest maybe because I don’t have a lawyers patience in reading it, haha 😅 Most of all, I want to hear everyone’s thoughts on this from a seller’s pov. I read from a buyer’s thread that they don’t have to credit the seller if they don’t want to, but that thread is outdated and my buyer is different it seems. Also, I haven’t seen a similar thread tackling the same query like this, and even if there were I bet it’s been years since it was discussed.

Please, let’s discuss and share experiences & advice!

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