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All my gigs are at the end!


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its been over 2 months now that i have been suffering from this issue which fiverr support are neglecting and saying its completely normal and fine. All my gigs are on the last page of their categories, with gigs who dont even have a single review or 1-10 max reviews, my gigs are next to them. My gig was on page 1 for over 2 years, just edited gig images 2 months ago since then its been happening to me. Gig comes back to first page after few days for a bit then goes again.
Fiverr said its to do with your performance, when its got nothing to do with that. All my stats are 100% and 4.9 ratings for past 2 months. Its definitely doing far better than the gigs with few reviews.
For 2 months i have done my research and found out that everyday fiverr Refreshes/updates their gigs, thats when my gig disappears. Does anyone know what time fiverr does these?
I want to know when they refresh accounts.
Also does anyone have a solution for this? my gig comes and goes. It was on page 1 of best selling, line 2. Now its at the end of the page 1 when it comes back

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