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Fiverr is not always bad choice for work :)


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I worked for client who was unaware in fact what he want.He ordered for a landing page gig and ask for mailchimp (auto mail responder) integration but he had no information and later asked me to do a work that was not possible in anyway.Such like he said he want to run a website on mailchimp and it was very funny because mailchimp don’t offer such a service and i explained many time and meanwhile i created landing page website and delivered order.Now listen what happened.
He contacted customer support and they cancelled order without my permission 😉 .
I contacted and showed them that i did work as was asked and showed video recording.Although they were unable to get fund from buyer or they don’t wanted to loose that buyer but they decided to give me Compensation for my work.
So i think fiverr is not a bad idea to do work if you have mind to deal the buyer and also customer support 😆 .
But anyway it’s a worse case when fiverr takes side of buyer who wants free work with refund and i think fiverr should take care about it like other freelance markets .
Good Luck to your’s all journey with fiverr 👏

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