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My first Spam message - Brieft story (Please avoid this scam guys!)


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Hello guys. I just recently started my account in fiverr, as a seller. 1 or 2 days after that, i received my first spam message and i would like to expose the situation(and the account) in here and also, give my feedback about the experience.

What happend?

I received a message and fiverr blocked the conversation and warn me that, that might be a spam message. I understood that but to be honest, I was too curious on knowing what would be said from that person.

Things that sound really strange for me, before unmark that message as spamm, was that this person account was created recently, and suppostly it was someone from U.S.A but with basic english (hum, ohkay lol).

Then he asked me if he could work with me. And that he had an offer and i quote: “Well I am going to interesting suggest to you If you are not interesting I will cancel it.” - This english phrase made all sense to me so i had to reply “Okay, make a suggestion :)”.

The suggestion was sent in a file format that i downloaded and inside it was a proposal. I had to create a account in another website like fiverr and doing that, this person would pay me $100 every month.

In order to receive this amazing offer, all i had to do is to offer my Passport photo, phone number, password and e-mail adress. Oh, and the person would have “24hrs/7days access … computer fulltime by remotely”.

And if i wasn’t conviced about this amazing offer, i could be calm because “If I don’t pay you, you can close the upwork account at any time, because you will have all access and the profile image is yours. In this case, it will be a big damage to me. So there is no need to worry about the payment.”

Ofc i said no and he thanked me for saying no. Disgrace.
What a dirty scam ! really?
Please guys, avoid this. I’ve reported the person and if you stumble in something like this, please to the same.

Feedback on how fiverr handle this automatically:

Fiver warn me about this even before i opped the message. It putted on spamm and gave me the chance to marke it as spam or accept the consequences. When the file was sent to me, it scan it automatically for virus.

Good thing 🙂

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to share in a different way, lol.
Best regards

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You might enjoy the Tedx talks of James Veitch who also was curious about what happens if you reply to scam mails and he went the extra mile … search YT for “spam mail james veitch”, super funny.

Good you reported that user account, however, I’d not recommend downloading and opening files from those people for curiosity, fun, or whatever, even if the Fiverr virus check said they are okay.

Welcome to the forum, good luck to you, and I hope you’ll soon have more buyer messages than scammer messages in your inbox!

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