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7 Powerful Tips To Get Quick Sales On Fiverr


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  1. What You Offer

2. Be Professional
3. Other Gigs


Normally some people that uses Fiverr don’t notice that the other gigs in your account also affect your sales, when you have a profile with 20 gig which is the limit of the amount of a Fiverr account, so if those 20 gigs in your account does not fit each other it looks like someone just want to make money from all areas which does look attractive, for example you created a gig about designing of pictures and the other gigs look somehow then it does not attractive buyer to order the gig.

4.Gig Title


For example this is a title of a normal gig “I will design banner for $5” and this is the attractive gig “I will design An Awesome and Beautiful banner for $5” now tell me which one will you order if you were the buyer? I know which one you will pick.

5. Gig Descriptions
6. Upload A Video


Fiverr officially made it necessary to upload a video of yourself telling your client about what you offer, this is totally necessary if you want to get more sales as fiverr normal select Gig for the featured categories and for your gig to be selected you must have a video of each of your gigs, something to note is that the video must be different from other and it is good if you are in the video.

7. Gig Picture


Fiverr users are fun of this which is copying another seller’s gig pix and using it thereby creating this kind of cloud of similarity which is not good especially for new seller because it will be well seen that you copied the picture from someone else. Been unique is the key and without this it will be hard to get quality sales.

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