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The newest Fiverr notifications are not appearing in the web version, yet they do on mobile


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This is very strange, my Fiverr notifications seem to stay there, unread even if I read them and nothing new is appearing. But if I go and check the Fiverr mobile app, everything is marked as read and there are new notifications too, which I can’t see on desktop.

Is the notification system broken? It was broken yesterday, seems there are still issues today. Are you guys experiencing the same issue?

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It’s been reported in this thread:

Looks like the notifications are bugged. They’re not updating and showing an old notification which isn’t going away. EDIT: You also can’t see reviews left on the order page nor respond to them.

Thanks. I didn’t know it was reported there. However, this just started happening around 1 hour ago or so. I guess it’s a current issue and it appears randomly for everyone.

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