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Online Status not visible to buyers


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Ok so here’s a weird story.

I have submitted a gig roughly a month ago, and for like the first 3 weeks, I got one or two orders per day. After about one week I have already been in the top 5 search results. Also I was like one of the few persons being shown as Online. My conversion rate was 12%, I have only 5 star rating, and my avg response time is 1 hour always.

Then one night I wanted to be seen offline, and set my status to show “offline for 1 hour”. After that I have not received a single order for 8 straight days in a row (and still have none). My conversion rate dropped to 0%

I am online like 12 hours a day, but I do not show up under “Online Sellers” at all. Actually there is not a single online seller of about 150 gigs right now, look for yourself: https://www.fiverr.com/categories/lifestyle/gaming/game-coaching?source=gig_nested_sub_category_link&page=1&page_size=48&offset=0&filter=rating&ref=game_name%3Acounter_strike|is_seller_online%3Atrue (EDIT: Ok now I am actually shown, the system here is really weird…)

Also, everytime I enter fiverr.com my Online status icon is grey even though I am constantly online!! After I refresh the site it is getting green, but even like 5 minutes of absence will set me to offline again.

Before that, I was basically always online (green icon), even when I was asleep!!

So I think there might be a direct correlation of my online status to the orders I get. Something about that system is really messed up on fiverr!

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