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Live Portfolio doesn't work properly


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Dear Fiverrs,
I’m a new seller on Fiverr. Recently I noticed a problem with the Live Portfolio and I wonder how to fix it.
I had 2 early sales, and on both of them I delivered the final files combined as “.rar” files except the 1 JPG that I wish the buyers will add to my Live Portfolio during their final reviews.
In both cases, I got 5 star review and a great feedback, but the JPG work sample didn’t upload to the Live Portdolio in the end.

My Live Portfolio option is defiantly ON inside my profile.
In addition, both buyers themselves told me they haven’t notice any work sample during the review phase they could check or unchecked.

What do you think could cause that?
How can I prevent it to happen in the future?


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Hi, Buyers have an option, whether they want to share the work on the gig live portfolio. Maybe your buyers ignored that option of work being showcased on the live portfolio. This happens quite often.

Maybe, but it’s still wierd because I asked them directly about it and they both told me the option wasn’t there 😕

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