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Regarding my last post here which i had insisted females workers at fiverr must be appreciated more than male because sometimes we are not allowed to work outside and we have the only option to work online at home and the girl like me when she decided to work and not get order for a months then what could be others option

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Fiverr does not exist to make sure every seller has orders. I’m sorry to hear that your country is one of the few countries that place such serious restrictions on women, but that still doesn’t mean that Fiverr should make sure you have orders. YOU are responsible for connecting to your target customers, showing them what you can do to solve their problems, and then convincing them to hire you.

You are a freelancer on a market-driven website. You are going to have to both learn, and be willing to do, the work necessary to build your market, and drive your sales – just like the rest of us.

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@marykhan172 - getting sales here on Fiverr requires a bit of research here on the forum, followed by putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Fiverr’s a pretty much level playing field when it comes to gender - although some categories are particularly competitive.

Try these articles for some help in setting up your profile for attracting clients:

This post is aimed at getting some ideas about the most common problems we face as sellers.If we can get a lot of people taking part, it will help to identify what kind of posts are most needed. Please tick all the statements below that apply to you or that you agree with. If the poll gets a good response I aim to work hard on some very specific posts that will help with specific issues that people are facing with the aim of increasing sales and the value of sales for us all. Take part and be …
Following a comment from @jamesbulls a couple of days ago regarding communicating value to buyers I have spent some time thinking on this extremely important topic. It is something that we have all heard people say to us "You must explain your value" “Don’t focus on price, focus on value” “If you don’t value yourself then neither will buyers”. All very self explanatory and it is difficult to argue with these statements but what does it actually mean - Value? Here is a basic definition of th…
If you are experiencing difficulties in getting orders or are struggling because of the amount of competition there is, then this post is for you. Below I will give some methods which will help you to expand your target market and so increase your sales volume. This post is part of my UPYOUR series based on This Poll and aims to help sellers to deal with issues related to the following three parts of the poll: Too many sellers offer the same thing - 51%I don’t show up in the search results -…
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