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i have used fiverr for about 1year now. i will point out that some sellers are really doing a good job and some is completely horrible. i have for example paid 5$ for 4000 backlinks that i later found out you can submit for free online and are totally worthless.

but back to the sellers that are doing a good job. since i have used fiverr for so long it feels litle bit like jungle of sellers here sometimes,so i suggest that there should be a button where you can add a seller to a favorites lists and category.

ex: if i find a seller who makes good videos,then i can add him under favorites and category video/Movie.

much easier than browsing trough my shopping history,

will also suggest to have a button for the sellers you are not happy With. ex: not so good

in those lists should there be a Place for put a note for each seller you have on Your lists.

ex: then you can Write in that note what and why makes this seller good or bad.

wish you all a happy New year

best regards


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Guest technomaven

I agree. Fiverr should have a feature where members can save “Favorite Sellers”, not just “Favorite Gigs.”

In addition, if the “Manage Contacts” area [] could be upgraded with mini “CRM” features, allowing private notes and tags for ALL Fiverr members – not just “My Buyers” and “My Sellers”, but also potential buyers/sellers and “leads” in generall – that would be IDEAL!

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