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Effective Communication Course (learn from Fiverr)

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Hello Everyone
i am here to suggest that a key factor of success on all freelance marketplace is Effective communication . we all know that by Good and powerful communication we will be able to deliver a message more precisely to our buyers, . . . . . . In most cases the language barriers leads to misunderstanding or alteration of messages, which increases the potential for conflict… . . . In such situations where conflict does arise, effective communication is a key factor to ensure that the situation is resolved in a respectful manner.
we also know that Learn from fiverr is offering a different skills courses for sellers but i think the most important is your communication …your are nothing without a productive communication
Therefore i would suggest fiverr to launch a Effective Communication Course … …

i would greatly appreciate it if you kindly comment your valuable suggestions below.

learn from fiverr :https://learn.fiverr.com

thank you so much

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