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Paypal paid Fiverr but no record of payment to start my gig


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I have a charge of $ 20.00 to my credit card to Paypal Via Fiver…In my paypal account, I have a payment to Fiver on Jan 4, same day as charge on card. It is now more than twelve hours since payment to five and payment for my gig has not arrived…HOW DO I CONTACT FIVER ABOUT THIS??? I HAVE NOT FOUND ANYWHERE TO CONTACT FIVER FOR AN ISSUE LIKE THIS…WHAT AM I MISSING???

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Reply to @keithkonscious: In Paypal, there is a box you either have to check that does 1 of 2 things.

  1. Uses money from your Paypal balance to pay Fiverr
  2. Starts a bank transaction to pay Fiverr.

    UNFORTUNATELY, the box that is automatically checked is for “2” and you have to scroll down to even view it. That means that it can take up to a week for Fiverr to receive the funds as the payment has to clear from the bank transaction.

    Make sure that you choose option “1”. I really wish that Paypal would make these choices clearer on their website. So technically $5 is deducted but it won’t show up for a while.

    I happened to me so I learned the hard way. Maybe this is what happened to you as well. 😦
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