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Fiverr Gig Video Can Be Like This .?


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Why gig videos are much more attractive and attention seeker…???
Because people love to watch videos to know more about something instead of reading. 😇

Personally I don’t post videos in my gigs because I never thought I could make some videos that are good enough instead of some slide-shares. 😅

In fiverr’s seller guide, they told us to put a video which improves the gig impression 200% (not sure the number) . And that’s true but they’ve also mentioned that it’s better to put your information in the gig video so that people don’t need to read the whole description which is kind a boring. But almost everyone forgets about this point to put information in their gigs. 🙂

So here are some tips:

  1. Generate a basic video idea and put it down in a paper.

  2. Now collect some images or any short video footage related to your gig.

  3. Take the main points of your gig service information which are much important for your clients.

  4. If you have a good voice than it is better to record the following information by yourself either you can take help from your friend or leave it blank (not a good option though).

  5. You also can put some background music to make the audio attractive besides the video.

  6. Use any video making or whiteboard software ( there a lot of free and paid softwares available in the internet). You can choose the easy one.

  7. Now comes the final step, Mix all of the elements to make your video much more attractive using all your creativity but remember, don’t extend the time more than 75 seconds. Finally export the video and you’re done … 🙂

Now your video will really increase the chance of being sold 200%. 😃

here is a video from Fiverr’s official youtube channel though it’s not related to gig video but this type of video can be made… 🙂

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