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New Seller and... my gig doesn't appear in new arrivals results :(


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Hi All!
I’m brand new seller, my name’s Valentina.
It’s about some days that I’m trying to find a solution by myself but it’s definitely not working… so I’m looking for some help in the forum 🙂

I’ve created my gig, added a video, some audio files, a description. I’ve corrected few times the title, looking at good suggestions here in the forum.

Now, if I search for my gig using filters only, this way:

  • Subcategory: Voice Over
    Then filter added:
  • Gendre: Female
  • Language: Italian
    and I sort by new sellers… I’m not in results. 😦
    And, yes, when I’ve created the gig I’ve applied the information about gendre, language etc.

If I don’t use any filter and I use the search box typing for instance “voice over italian female” without adding filters, then my gig is there, in the first page.

Any help?
Thanks a lot… this “disappearing” is frustrating 🙂


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