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Inquiry about my latest Gig Order with Client


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Hi I’m new here in Fiverr and want to establish a good rating here. Recently someone message me about my gig offer. I immediately reply and start to work even before the gig order was place. I sent samples to him and when he approved it he request the HiRes file and then I place my gig order where he had accepted. Because this is my first gig I offer him the minimum gig as I am more after for his positive rating for me.

In screenshot I place the order form at 9:04 am and I already send the link file to him at around 11:59am same day. But now the fiverr message me that I was already late in my delivery because partially It’s also my fault that the link I gave to him with didn’t indicate that was my Complete Order but then it’s already too late delivered when I noticed it.


Will this reflect my rating in fiverr? I try to message him but he didnt reply yet. I was hoping I don’t get a bad rating from him 😨

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