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Hello from my universe to yours!

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Hi everyone, I am very excited to expand my horizons here on the Fiverr platform. A little background on myself: my name is Kaleb and I am a 26 year old living in Orlando, Florida. I did my undergraduate studies in mathematics at Goucher College and currently work as an educator in a few fields. My areas of focus include: math tutoring/teaching across various levels and topics, Spanish language acquisition for new learners, and lastly spiritual coaching and healing through astrological services. The latter subject of improving the spiritual development of others is the primary reason why I started this Fiverr profile. I wish to use my knowledge of astrology and adjacent occult sciences to facilitate healing in my community and beyond. With this I hope to also provide quality, affordable services to those in need and others simply looking to expand their intellectual mind. I apologize if this post is overly verbose or lengthy, I just let my heart do the talking and it can be a bit mouthy at times. 😅

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