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Do not trust this seller *********


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Hi guys, I am glad that I am here on fiverr community. I just want to express my experience happened as a buyer.

This seller called “*********” has couple of gigs and I happen to choose forex signals for 30 days period for $50, instead of giving signals he has sent some random candle bar strategy in a PPT file and considered as delivered.
As I noticed, the delivery period is set for 1 Day on his gig, whereas the work process is set to 30 days.

I think this is completely ridiculous and should be take some action. I request fiverr to do something about it.

Mod Note: Username removed.

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Welcome to the forum but first of al please remove name of the seller as this is against forum rules calling out sellers or buyers.

I did check his gig and I can’t say that it is really misleading. He doesn’t really state what he is going to deliver: a pdf file with a strategy or if he will personally help you.
Everything what he is offering in his gig can be described in a pdf file and if you’ll follow that pdf you will se results in 30 days. At least that’s how you can read it.

You already left a review for his service so I’m not sure what else do you want fiverr to do about that because it’s also your responsibility to try to understand the service you will get and contact seller if you have any questions.

As for me he is not doing anything against TOS, the only part is a poor description of his service but it’s not against TOS.

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