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How to get your first order in fiverr


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so in this post I am going to tell you some small tips on how get your first order in fiver.most of the beginners wonder is too late to join fiver and earn, no its not because fiver is like a marketplace, every seller has their own goods and features so no worries, the customers will come to you and check for your products and if they are satisfied they will buy from you.

anyway here are some tips to consider

your gig should be perfect
so what do I mean by perfect, perfect means that your gig image, gig description should be attractive and clearly describe what your provide as a service, and also in the gig image your main points should be included so that when a client sees the gig image he or she should get a brief idea about what do you provide

  2. buyer requests

buyer requests are the key to success, if you can send a great offer to the buyer then the orders will get for sure,

 3. services

when you are doing a order try to give more additional service for them , for example if you are creating a website for a client, if possible tell the buyer that you I will also install ssl for the host if you like, then the client will be satisfy and ask to install a ssl to the website, then also he or she will give you an extra tip and also some good rating

that’s it guys these 3 tips are the key to success,

if you need wordpress websites designed or java software developed just let me know

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