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Find creator of viral logo


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I am the owner of a private-detective firm in Norway- One of the biggest actually.
This post was not created to brag about myself- I got one (1) goal: Find the designer of my logo.

I want to give this person a big tip.
He/she gave me an amazing logo for a few dollars. This person deserves more for their work.

My firm just got placed in about every single newspaper all over Norway.
The logo is right behind myself on one of our cars, and I have gotten A LOT of compliments regarding the design.

Please help me find the designer.


Kind regards,
Simen v/Nordlys Etterforskning (Northern lights investigations)

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If I was a private detective, I’d start with asking myself where I bought my own logo… 😉

If you click on ‘orders’ on your Fiverr profile, you will be able to find the order you placed to receive your logo. Providing the seller you ordered from is still active, you will then be able to tip them. Sadly, you won’t be able able to do that off-Fiverr and attempting to communicate off the platform could put their account in jeopardy.

Good luck with your investigations!

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