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Top Buyer Tip to Ensure Mutual Satisfaction


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Hey, Buyers!

As a seller and frequent buyer on this platform, the #1 tip I can give y’all is to not be a weasel with pricing.

If someone says that because you have specific requirements that will take extra time and work, trust them on that. Don’t try to argue that the job really isn’t as hard as the (most likely experienced) seller thinks it is or reduce and expect and extreme price reduction.

Sellers work at highly discounted rates here on Fiverr, so you’re already getting a steal. Either you can afford the steal or you can’t. It’s not a sellers job to help you afford things.

BONUS: Sellers who are also buyers, don’t try to weasel other sellers into prices cheaper than your own. (Ex: Trying to get 3k for $5 when you charge $85)

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With experience seller take price rise but buyer always see some other things just keep in view only to review. The other things are the description and talk with buyer. Their communication give some best know how either the seller can do the job or not?
So buyer must keep in view description and give chance to low price seller also.

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