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Stationery Design requirements


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Hello! So a client wants to get business cards and envelope made for his company. In order to design it, I need the information that needs to be on these things - phone no., address, email etc. If I ask about these things on order page, would I get a warning?

Similar case is with the social media kit, i want to take the names of social media platforms (twitter and facebook), but i’m afraid that this might get flagged too. So what should I do?

Prompt response would be appreciated since the ongoing order is currently active and I’m losing out on time.

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You wouldn’t get a warning for that. Just specify in your message that “in order to create your business cards I need following info etc etc”

However if you have social media kit and stationery included in your gig it’s best to make those questions as part of the requirements.

A load off my chest, thanks maria!

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