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How to inspire a client to get order


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Its totally based on my experience, So there is some tips i follow to have wonderful conversation to my clients.

  1. Reply to your client ASAP
  2. Read your client message carefully. Ahhh not just read carefully you need to understand it before replying our client
  3. Than Honesty. Honesty is a best policy. I read that while in 5th class and now i am experiencing it. talk truly with your client i can do or not
  4. Many sellers mentioned, Talk with confidence, But while you have knowledge and experience with anything there will be automatically confidence in you. So you must have experience and knowledge before offer anything at fiverr
  5. Give him reason able price, too low prices leads hard to believe and too highly prices are expensive
  6. Be kind and reply with patience on every question from client
  7. Never mentioned again and again about sending offer. When client inspired he will ask for offer himself
  8. Before order discuss every condition about work and ask them to read gig if any notes there
  9. Never mentioned for TIP or never offer extra work for free, That’s against professional community

These key points are in my mind. hoping helpful for you

Best Regard.

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