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Fiverr Pro Applicant


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Hello everyone,

I was a seller on Fiverr.com a few years back and then I got a job and I stopped using Fiverr. I started to use Fiverr a few days back again and I’m thrilled to see Fiverr Pro feature. So I spent a numerous amount of time to complete the Fiverr Pro application and submitted it. I have two questions in my mind:

  1. When can I expect a response from Fiverr about my application?
  2. Can you guys please have a look at my Fiverr Profile to see if I’m even eligible as I just started using Fiverr so I only have one active gig?

This is my profile link: https://www.fiverr.com/zawarkamal


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I just applied as well, so I can’t speak to how long it takes to be considered.

When it comes to your eligibility, this depends on a lot more than just your Fiverr gigs. Most pro sellers came in from outside Fiverr, meaning that having gigs already isn’t needed to become a pro seller. With that being said, it might speed up the process if the people vetting you can refer to your Fiverr accomplishments as well as your outside work.

I wish you luck!

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