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I can't get job on Fiverr


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Hello, I’ve been on Fiverr for two weeks now and I published two gigs.
I get impressions and some views and clicks but no orders.
I checked out Fiverr for similiar gigs to see if I did a good job in creating gigs.
I would love if someone could get me any tips how to upgrade my gigs.
I think I have pretty good description, afordable prices and design exemples.

P.S. sorry if my english is bad 🙂

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There’s probably just too much competition for those services.

In your gigs you say “Available all the time.” but your average response time says 15 hours. If you could respond a bit faster to buyer messages that might help.

In your gig you say “I am also working with Logos, Business cards or anything related to Graphic Design”, but you have no active gigs for creating logos or other types of graphic design gigs that are different to the existing 2 gigs. If you have other graphic design gig ideas maybe add gigs for them (not necessarily all in one go - 1 or 2 at a time could be added) if it’s been long enough without receiving orders on the existing gigs.

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That 15 hour average response time is because some guy sended me a message not relevent with Graphic Design at all (it was it the middle of the night when he send that message I was sleeping) so bassically I’m 24/7 now on Fiverr waiting for job to reduce that response time and of course earn something 😂

You are right, I should create some gigs about Logos and other Graphic Design stuff.
Thank you for you reply.

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