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I drived traffic from my linkedin to fiverr... but i am not getting impressions


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Hey, everyone,

i am new here… & i tried various ways to drive traffic to my gig. but i am not getting impressions high.
i have given proper tag, and keyword in url as same as gig title, i also did enough research to add description n intro, n even keyword in pricing too.

now i just ran out of my social connections. i have been contacting people from many social sites… but i am not getting the gig impression.

please suggest what to do!

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Hey guys, I see you are all fairly new users on Fiverr and the Fiverr forum.
For starters you can link your account to the forum to get some views and impressions.
The first few months can be very slow, especially if you are doing graphic design or something similar, as 80% of sellers are in that category, you need to stay persistent and polite, the work will come slowly but steadily. 🙂

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