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Cy has some advice for you.

Are you about to create a post about having no orders? Are bills piling up? Can you not afford to feed your children because of the downfall of your Fiverr career? If so, self pity will get you nowhere. What you need to do instead is take action. Last month was my worst month on Fiverr ever. This includes my initial time as a new seller back in 2014. I’m also going to just say it. When you start working on Fiverr and are successful, you often find that Fiverr starts to make up the bulk of your …
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I understand that we all get upset with lots of these no one wants my services. I also haven’t landed a single client since I have been here. I get that no one wants to get in that hole with you but I also wonder if being so curt is actually helpful?

So I had a look at your profile and one Gig. Here’s what I thought if I were to find you:

  • there is a lower case “i” for I (being you)
  • your prices are all the same and so low - do I get true unique professional work for that sort of pricing? Being the same price for everything makes me feel that this is cookie-cutter and not a specialist.
  • Poor grammar: I Will Design “A” Modern Business Logo". Don’t I assume the logo will be new & therefore “of the times”? How about classy or effective instead?
  • Your Hero image is of many logos on a page. yet your Eagon Logo is truly heroic. Use single logos per image.
  • your pricing options offer me multiple logos. I don’t want 3 logos, I want one great one that encapsulates what my business does. Work on upselling that. Maybe even filling out alternate versions (we all need em) or a starter pack like logo, card, letterhead…
  • don’t tell me you are the best, show me.

These all show that you understand my needs instead of being some guy trying to make $5. Now I know Fiverr is a terrible space to show what makes you special as they give you so little space but what about some sort of case study in a short video with a testimonial?


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