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Fiverr Tipping Charge = Double Dipping


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Guest humanissocial

No they aren’t and the explanation for this has been discussed many times in the forum.

If they didn’t take a cut, people would abuse this. Sellers would connive with people to make their orders small to get big tips.

If you don’t like paying a cut for a tip, then don’t use the service.

Also, Fiverr doesn’t even read this. It’s pointless to rant to them here.

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I understand your initial annoyance at Fiverr’s practice but let’s be real here.

Most if not all of us wouldn’t get any of the income we’re receiving without Fiverr’s platform to connect buyers and sellers. Sure, we could shout into cyberspace, posting on FB, Blogs, Reddit, Forums, etc but we wouldn’t get as many impressions/clicks/views of relevant searches that have a higher chance of actually wanting our service.

20% feels like a lot, especially since it’s coupled with the 10% upcharge on the buyer. But honestly, 30% of the cut is a reasonable amount to receive to connect the buyer and seller, as well as protecting both of them, and running this platform.

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