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Recently, I got on order from buyer request which was related to flat/minimalist logo design. I followed the exact instructions that were shared with me and the buyer was pretty specific to what she wanted. So I designed a logo the way she wanted and delivered it to her. After 20 minutes or so, she messaged me and said that she has changed her mind and now looking for something more vintage/retro. While I was typing to let her know that she is asking for what she did not order (and besides, retro/vintage design is not my skill), she messaged me again and said that she talked with her partner and now she’s looking for something hand-drawn/feminine. In 40 minutes, she went from minimal to vintage to a signature. My hands were shaking as I refused to do the job. In another message, I explained to her what she is looking for, is not what we offer. Even the buyer request she posted was different. Thankfully, she realized that it is ‘her’ who was at fault and decided to go on with the order which was initially placed. We both gave each other perfect ratings and the order was marked as completed.

Now I’m pretty sure not all buyers would cooperate with the seller at all or admit their fault. For a seller like me, who is pretty new on this platform, it was a difficult moment to go through because a single cancellation or a single bad review is enough to ruin the entire seller profile or to put the potential buyer’s trust away. If I ever come across a buyer like this, who is undecided about what he/she is looking for and does not admit the fault, what should be the right thing to do (considering that I’m a new seller and not willing to affect my analytics)?

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