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Buyer wants to cancel order to work with another designer


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Hello there,

I have a buyer that wants to cancel the order. After purchasing my custom order, I provided first concepts for the project within 3 hours of purchase. The buyer said that my design approach isn’t the one that he is looking for and wants to cancel the order. He believes that his second choice designer can do the job better for him and can suit the style with the company guidelines.

I also want to cancel the order which I believe I cannot force customers to keep working with the designers that they believe they cannot do the job for them.

The only problem is how to approach to this situation. Should I use the resolution center myself and ask the buyer to cancel the order or let them do it by himself. Which one is better for me?

I want to know does it matter who starts the mutual cancellation. I read some posts about fixing your cancellation status with Customer Support. Is it better to have them ask or should I initiate the cancellation myself.


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It had the same affect if you or your buyer initiates the cancellation.
You can go to CS but in this case where you unable to deliver what promised it’s unlikely that fiverr CS will cancel it without affecting your gig. They also choose from some criteria’s that might or might not affect it.

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