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I am new on Fiverr , need some tips


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Here’s a guide I wrote recently on how to optimize your gig for search:


Beyond that, some advice:

Get a better gig thumbnail. Your gig pic looks like clipart from the 90s when it should look modern, attractive, and attention-grabbing. If graphics aren’t your strongest side, there are several sellers here on Fiverr that work on gig graphics and/or videos.

You could also use a tool like Canva.com to create your gig thumbnail/picture

Also, I noticed several typos and grammatical errors in your gig description. This is perhaps the biggest no-no for a seller who claims to write mesmerizing articles. If I’m looking for a writer, the first thing I look at his how well they have written their gig description. So your description needs some work.

I recommend reading this thread that I created on why grammar is important to sellers, and also to check your copy via Grammarly.com:

I’m both a seller and a buyer here on Fiverr. As amazing as this platform may be, one thing has been bothering me, especially when it comes to buying services on Fiverr: poor grammar. I realize that many sellers don’t speak English as their first language. I, myself, am Norwegian. This means that English isn’t my first language, and even though I try hard, sometimes my English skills will fail me. But I am trying! And this brings me to the real problem; when I contact a seller who claims to be…

Also, make sure you’re using all the words available to you in your gig description. At the moment, it’s kind of short. If you want to optimize it for search and sales you need a perfect gig description.

Rule number one is to deliver high-quality content to your buyers. If I received an article written with as many typos and issues as your gig description, I would probably leave a negative review of the order. I’m not saying this to be hard on you or rude, just to help you understand that the quality of your work is crucial to becoming a successful seller.

Wrapping up:

  • Improve your gig graphics.
  • Fix any mistakes, typos, and language issues in your gig description and profile description, and do everything you can to improve your sales copy.
  • Use tools to help you write better, like Grammarly.
  • Deliver high-quality content to buyers.

I hope this helps 🙂

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