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Fiverr - Scam or Hacked?!


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What is the difference?

I have been on Fiverr now for two months and it has been an absolutely thrilling experience being able to serve multi-national clients and to have them express their deep gratitude for the high quality of work that I deliver.

I am extremely grateful for this innovation that connects buyers and sellers, of which I am a beneficiary.

While I enjoy the benefits of this innovation, I do have some cause for concern. (Take a look at the screenshots provided).

I have been earning for both months since I have been on the Fiverr network and have done a few withdrawals so far but here is my concern. I invite your comments.

I have read somewhere that “Earned” on the revenues page is all you have ever earned on Fiverr. The revenues page also shows you the withdrawals, funds pending clearance, funds available and upcoming earnings.

Here is my concern. As you can tell my by screenshots, what I have eared this month alone, indicated the “Earned this month” on the “To do” exceeds the “Earned” on the revenues page. What you will notice is that the sum of my “withdrawals” and “funds pending” will be equivalent to the “Earned” on the revenues page.

What is odd however is that on my “To Do” page, my earnings for this month alone is more than the sum of all I have ever withdrawn and all that is pending. In other words

For simplicity (this is just a numerical example)

What this is saying is that I have earned $100, I have withdrawn $50 and I am being told that the funds pending clearance is $40 instead of $50.

If “Earned” on the revenues page is all I have ever earned, which on this page is $472, how is it that what I have earned this month alone exceeds that? What if I should take into account what I had made last month. After withdrawals, shouldn’t the sum of the funds available and the funds pending clearance be equal to what I have made last month and this month?

Assume that I only made $4 last month. Then my earnings, according to the “To Do” page would be $496 for this month + $4 from last month. Therefore my total for both months should be $500 right?

But now notice the “Earned” on the revenues page which should be lifetime earnings. It is saying $472!

Some math… $500 - $472 = $28! So where is that $28? In the funds pending clearance you say?

Let us do the math…Funds pending clearance =$260

Funds withdrawn =$196

Funds available = $16

Total= $472

But remember my earnings for both months hypothetically is $500.

Solve this mystery for me… Where is the missing $28? I have not withdrawn it, and it is not pending clearance. I have contacted customer support but I have not been offered a solution to this riddle. What say you?

Is the site hacked? Have I been robbed?

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Guest dilshands


I can see that you have withdrawn 88 recently. Sometimes rather than adding them to the withdrawals, they deduct it from earnings and show. This happens to me everytime I make a withdrawal. So it’s more like a bug in the analytic tool rather than a ‘robbery’ 🙂

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