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Voice Over Suggestion

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I get irritated when other sellers on here (mainly animation and whiteboard designers) order a voice file from me without paying for commercial rights when they’re selling the work on to somebody else and/or it’s a script for a commercial product.

I get even more irritated when I get the revision request saying ‘my client wants a change’, which isn’t actually my problem but causes me more work.

I think it would be great if Fiverr could prevent audio files from being downloaded until the order is accepted. Fiverr protects visual designers with watermarks so they can’t get ripped off, but audio guys aren’t afforded the same protection.

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What if you ask for the commercial rights fee when they say their client wants a revision?

If that means they’re using it commercially because they are selling it (probably as part of a video) to their client.

It never goes down well - and either they kick off and it results in a cancellation so I lose out for work I should have been paid for.

Or they give up and I get left a bad review.

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