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What happens if I give a Thumbs Down?


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I recently bought 2 press releases that also included the submission to 25 press release sites.

The order was delivered on time however I never received a copy of the press release to review before they were actually submitted.

The wording that was used was very obvious that it was written by someone without a great command of the English language (unlike the wording of their gig) and I would have liked to reviewed the PR and requested corrections before it was sent out to the web.

I don’t want to deny the seller their money but I wasn’t really satisfied either. If I click the Thumbs Down (since it in all practicality to late to request a revision since the work is already out there on the internet) what will happen?

Will the seller still get their money but just a negative rating or will it prevent them from collecting their money?

Thanks for you help in advance.

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I recommend sending them a message, explaining the situation and that you are unhappy. Us sellers, we like communication with our sellers - most of us want to make you happy and satisfied, and want to avoid negative feedback - as it can affect our rating and profile immensely.

Ask for a redo and that you would like the review the work before they do anything to it / or you write it /edit it. If they ignore you or refuse - then let your own judgement see whether or not it you should leave negative feedback.

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