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I need help please i am the victim of harassment


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Good afternoon everyone

I am asking for help please because I dont seem to be able to get in touch with customer service is almost impossible to find them

I will like to report a situation that has become very bad. so bad that i am about to go to police.

Not long ago, i had been approached by a man from america on fivver to build my website for me, i agreed 400 usd dollars and after a week i had financial problems did not afford to pay another 200. I had told him that I wait for my government benefits (I live with mental health problems and government offers me £100 a week for help)

what he done to me now he took advantage of my email and password that i gave him and logged in to my email account and social media accounts and bank account and done a mess, he also changed the password to my email, and go daddy account without my permission, he also wrote perverse things on my website.

he also threat me on internet with a lot of harassing words that is going to come over and stalk me, the guy said he is an ex drug addict in the past and doesn’t care abut the circumstances.

i am asking for help please because i am very afraid. I can’t seem to be able to contact fiver support but iw will proceed into going to the police.

i am also a bipolar person and live with a mental health condition and this is not healthy for me.

please, i am asking for help, this person is destroying my life and is stalking me on internet he also doesn’t image to my email account because he logged me out, he logged in to my bank account and go daddy account changing details without my permission

this is the username of the person


yours sincerely

Mod Note: Username removed.

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This is the link to create a support ticket with Fiverr Customer Support:

If you have problems creating a support ticket, you could contact support by email at: support@fiverr.com

You could also contact your bank and your hosting company about this (where it’s relevant to them).

Also on the forum we’re not allowed to call out sellers by name so you should really remove the name of the seller.

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