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5 GIGs over 100 views and NO orders :(


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I was amazed when I saw 81K next to one of my gig’s. Then realized it is a number of times my gig has been on search or something like that. But the fact is that my gigs have been watched over 100 times and still no orders. This is sad 😦

Could you give me tips on how to make things better on here?

As a photographer in a wheelchair I’ve never experienced the ratio like that between view/interests and orders.


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At this stage of your Fiverr development, don’t think much about the impressions / views / sales conundrum.

Its been said many ways, but its true. The holidays, budgets spent and increasing competition all play into the fact that business is slow for many right now.

All the impressions / views in the world won’t help until you’ve got a gig or two that are in demand and tweaked to perfection. I could see you taking one or two gigs and using them as a bonuses in a related gig to give it more horsepower. Get one gig going, Level up faster, offer more Extras for higher $$.

Oh, and I almost forgot my Fiverr mantra… Be Patient, Be Patient, Be Patient…

Happy New Year!!

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Hello guys,

I’m new here. First of all thanx to @hegert for posting these and all the people who kindly answer his question (also was my question, got 93k and 83k viewers and 0 buyer lol).

I have a question hopefully any of you would answer my question:

How big is the impact of advertising your gig on FB?

Thanx guys!

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Guest beckytraffic02

@kjblynx was the name of the group that you see your buyer,share the group with all of us so that we can know

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